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Before and After

Let’s look at Egypt’s example

(Barack Obama, April 3, 2011, after a popular revolution toppled a corrupt secular dictator in Egypt)

I am deeply concerned

(Barack Obama, July 3, 2013, after a popular revolution toppled a corrupt Islamic dictator in Egypt)

And if you still think there is a conflict between Islam and Capitalism, think again: the conflict is between Capitalism and both humanity and the environment; Islam is just a label for Capitalism’s most violent goon, all in the name of deniability.


Are Germany’s Intelligence Agencies and the Stasi Totally Different?

Another great article by Stephen Gowans; albeit most people who peruse are too young or too estranged from European politics to even know what he is talking about, the message is clear: capitalism is no less invasive of its subject’s privacy than any Communist “big brother”: it just has better-sounding excuses.

what's left

By Stephen Gowans

Germany’s chancellor Angela Merkel “has defended German cooperation with the National Security Agency program, called Prism, and rejected any comparison between it and the invasive methods used by the Stasi, the secret police of East Germany’s Communist government.”

“The work of intelligence agencies in democratic states was always vital to the safety of citizens and will remain so in the future,” Merkel said. “For me, there is absolutely no comparison between the Stasi in East Germany and the work of intelligence services in democratic states.” The programs are “two totally different things.” (New York Times, July 11, 2013)

Note that Merkel doesn’t deny that Germany’s intelligence apparatus, in collaboration with the NSA, spies on German citizens—only that its spying is vital for public safety. By implication, East Germany’s snooping was not. She invokes democracy’s halo to justify the police state methods of democratic states (if it’s done…

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I Hate to Say “I Told You So”

New elections are now scheduled in June, by which time the Greek, having realized that their opinion doesn’t really matter, will desert the ballots, and accept whatever fate German bankers have decided for them.

(The Communist Scientist, May 21, 2012)

Yes, the Greek non-popularly elected government had to wait a year to save face, plus a few months to have the heat and holiday season snuff out the people’s will to demonstrate but, of course, did exactly what I said, and exactly what it had promised not to do.

And just to show you that I haven’t lost my knack for prophecy, let me say this: Italy, with a government formed under very similar circumstances, is going to do exactly the same.



From the UCS

I am a member of the Union of Concerned Scientists. I don’t know how long I will be: I thought they could use my technical expertise, but all they seem concerned with is getting a contribution, and all the issues they seem to care for are about the United States. However, they do, sometimes, send some interesting information. The following quote is an example:

When Dr. Shaun Marcott published a groundbreaking paper showing the world is warmer today than it has been for thousands of years, climate deniers went ballistic. They sent him hate mail, and bloggers twisted his research.

When Dr. Joseph Skorupa’s research showed that phosphate mines were polluting waterways and poisoning trout, his supervisors at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service told him not to go on The Daily Show to publicize the findings, saying: “the leadership doesn’t want you to go on and they will make your life hell,” according to Skorupa. “Part of the threat was that my colleagues would also be punished.” Skorupa felt he had no choice but to decline to go on the show. […]

(the rest is the usual plead for money).
They source it with the following links:
You might want to have your retarded neoliberal cousin check them out.


Worth reading

This piece is interesting because it comes from a brokerage firm, an institution usually managed by kamikaze of neoliberalism and sporting an army of mercenary economists to spew pro-globalist nonsense. Instead, this report from Tullett Prebon openly admits the system is heading towards catastrophe because of the the resource and transfer crisis, exactly like the present author. Definitely worth reading for those who don’t believe that every reasonable person, not communists only, can see the darkness at the end of the tunnel.


The EU to Grow Bananas–Latin America Too Busy Taking Over Moral Supremacy

Upon being informed that the US has been (and still is, incidentally) spying on its citizens and government with the help of US corporations, the reaction of any country with a shred of self dignity would be to cut diplomatic ties with Washington, stop using Microsoft products in all government offices, and welcome Richard Snowden, the man who, at great risk for his personal safety, let them know.

European countries chose the opposite way: some made token protests to their American ambassadors, all denied asylum to Snowden, and blatantly violate diplomatic protocol by first denying passage, then forcefully searching Bolivia’s presidential plane on a hysterical suspicion that Snowden might have been hiding there.

Apparently, the world has spun around in the past 30 years: the banana republics whose corrupt governments will do anything the American government and industry imposes are now members of the EU. The countries who defy them in the name of ethics are consistently in Latin America.

Well, with the European job market ravaged by American-made economic policies and temperatures raising because of American-made carbon dioxide, we can at least hope to grow bananas.