The EU to Grow Bananas–Latin America Too Busy Taking Over Moral Supremacy

Upon being informed that the US has been (and still is, incidentally) spying on its citizens and government with the help of US corporations, the reaction of any country with a shred of self dignity would be to cut diplomatic ties with Washington, stop using Microsoft products in all government offices, and welcome Richard Snowden, the man who, at great risk for his personal safety, let them know.

European countries chose the opposite way: some made token protests to their American ambassadors, all denied asylum to Snowden, and blatantly violate diplomatic protocol by first denying passage, then forcefully searching Bolivia’s presidential plane on a hysterical suspicion that Snowden might have been hiding there.

Apparently, the world has spun around in the past 30 years: the banana republics whose corrupt governments will do anything the American government and industry imposes are now members of the EU. The countries who defy them in the name of ethics are consistently in Latin America.

Well, with the European job market ravaged by American-made economic policies and temperatures raising because of American-made carbon dioxide, we can at least hope to grow bananas.


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