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The Just In (and the Just Out)

Alone among those involved in the Snowden scandal, Facebook (of all companies) has published a list of government requests for information about its users. The list uncovers the usual freedom rhetoric of capitalist countries: in the first semester of 2013, the U.S. peeped into the private life of over 20000 facebook users, the U.K. into those of 2337, Germany of 2068 and Italy of 2306. If all these were suspected terrorists, we would be in serious trouble, especially considering that all the peeping hasn’t unearthed a single one; and if we admit that those governments just can’t stick to their own business, well, surely those Socialist hellholes peep a lot more, right? Uh, no. Ecuador, of Assange fame, asked for information about three people, probably many fewer than those that are conspiring to murder or abduct Assange. Venezuela asked for none. Nor did communist Cuba. Nor Bolivia, whose president is suspected of being a Snowden sympathizer. Nor did Laos, another country which is still in the grip of a communist party. Mongolia, which is surrounded by Islamist wilderness on many sides, only asked to look into two of its dwellers.
Well, capitalism made everybody swallow the yarn that firing people is good for employment. Now it is making you swallow the one that spying on you is necessary to preserve your freedom and privacy: once you have an idiot, why using him for one thing only?


Syrian Rebels Most Likely Culprits in Gas Deaths

And, just as I was about to address the subject myself, here is another excellent Stephen Gowans post proving, once again, that the so-called “government attack” are both a fictional and actual product of Islamocapitalism.

what's left

By Stephen Gowans

British foreign secretary William Hague says there’s no doubt that the Syrian military is responsible for last week’s alleged gas attack which killed scores of people in Syria. So too do the editors of major newspapers in the United States and Britain. US officials have also said the Syrian government is responsible, though at the same time they admit they are still trying to ascertain the facts. The Wall Street Journal could report, as a consequence, that there’s an “emerging consensus” that the Assad government was behind the attack. The consensus, however—and it’s one limited to Syria’s political enemies—is backed up by not a scintilla of evidence.

You might wonder why journalists haven’t challenged Hague’s assertion that the only possible culprit is the Syrian government. After all, there is another possible culprit: the opposition.

In May, Carla Del Ponte, a member of the United Nations independent commission…

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From the UCS again

The subject of manipulation and falsification of scientific data is one which is of particular concern to this blog and, possibly, of its readers (some of them, as pointed out before, are just Rabid Republicans checking the Red Scare); an interesting parallel between how this was done for tobacco a few years back and how it is done for carbon dioxide today can be found here.

For once, the UCS is not directly begging for money: enjoy (so to say).