I am a communist and I am scientist. And yes, the actual kind of the latter: I have a Ph.D. from a reputable university, and have spent most of my adult life either in universities or in R&D. As you will figure out soon, I live in Denmark; I am not, however, a native: my actual ethnicity is not something I am willing to divulge.

Most important, however, is what I am not:

  • One of those conciliatory, apologetic, do-goody-goody, post-Sovietic quasi-communists: I do believe in collectivization, in a single party system and, in particular, I believe religion to be the opium of the people.
  • A halal hippie: I think that all religions are the opium of the people. Muslims do not get a free pass just because they dislike the US too.
  • A Stalinist. Stalin was an evil bastard who killed more communists than anybody else in history, completely ruined the reputation of the movement, and indirectly caused the Sino-Soviet split. Without Stalin, this blog would probably be written in Russian; because of Stalin, it will be bitched at by countless multitudes, in English.
  • A supporter of the Chinese so-called Communist Party. The CPC historically split from the Soviet one because it refused to abandon Stalinism in 1954; as a logical consequence, it is now an organization devoted to suppressing any kind of labour movement while endorsing foreign and domestic capitalism, rampant corruption, elitism and environmental destruction–in practice, the CPC represents almost all that actual communism is against–except for a half-assed attempt at enforcing state atheism and the frequent use of the colour red.
  • A former apparatchik. I owe no direct gratitude to any communist party and their downfall did me no more harm than that done to society in general.

This is pretty much it; I hope you enjoy the blog, albeit, on the other hand, I would enjoy it even more if you were a rabid conservative getting conniptions over it.


4 Responses to “About”

  1. October 4, 2013 at 18:40

    Au contraire, mon frère. With all due respect, you and many leftists are being way too harsh on Comrade Stalin. He was clearly no angel and he made mistakes, but as Stephen Gowans has said we should examine the historical conditions that made Stalin paranoid, ruthless and excessive in his behavior. Mr. Gowans believes that under the circumstances building socialism in one country was the best option at that time. Ask yourself, how much do you really know about Stalin that is not simply the propaganda of his enemies? Also, if you can stand to read or skim through Hitler’s “Mein Kamp” you will see that he spells out quite clearly, over and over again, that the Bolsheviks are his main enemy – over and above the Jews or the British empire. The Soviet leadership knew they were going to be attacked again by one or more capitalist powers, and so they quite understandably “freaked out” and rushed to purge Nazi spies and other possibly reactionary agents within the party and the society at large. It is sad that undoubtedly many innocents were exiled, imprisoned, or killed, but you have to put yourself in the shoes of the party leadership at that time and maybe you will understand how and why this happened.

    • March 24, 2014 at 19:13

      Sorry, but putting myself in the shoes of a petty, racist, envious and paranoid man who massacred everybody who had more seniority in the party, happened to disagree on policies, or had done better, than himself could give me a nasty fungus: I am clearly no angel myself, but I’d rather go barefooted.
      Just out of curiosity, which enemy propaganda are we talking about? The “enemies” Stalin shared Poland with, the “enemies” he defeated the above-mentioned with, or the enemies who won the Russian Civil war just to be massacred on trumped-up charges in the 30’s? And I’d beg you and, if the case might be, Mr. Gowans, whom I otherwise greatly admire, to stop treating the purges as if a few innocents were caught amidst a bunch of actual Nazi or Capitalist spies. Stalin unearthed exactly zero actual spies, zero saboteurs, zero reactionary agents and, most of all, zero assassins of Sergei Kirov, unless you count the ones he got tired of later.

      • March 25, 2014 at 20:20

        Apparently you haven’t been following Mr. Gowans’ blog lately. Last November he wrote an article in response to Russell Brand’s manifesto which was entitled “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised…Nor Will It Be Brought To You By Russell Brand, Oliver Stone Or Noam Chomsky.” In this article Mr. Gowans basically denounces ultra-leftist, utopian visions of revolution and defends Stalin as well as Mao and other great leaders. I suggest you take a look since he makes quite a compelling argument, then do some more of your own homework.

        The section on Stalin begins thusly:

        “Stalin made enormous contributions to socialism, decolonization, and indirectly, to the emergence of the welfare state in the West. He played a lead role in the building of the first publicly-owned, planned, economy –one free from unemployment and the insecurities and injustices of the past. He was at the forefront of the project to lift Russia from backwardness, succeeding spectacularly in short order. His contributions to the defeat of fascism were unparalleled, exceeding those of any other individual. Under his leadership, the monarchies and military dictatorships of Eastern Europe were overthrown and, no, the socialist societies that replaced them were not simply new forms of oppression. Their economies grew rapidly and with them standards of living rose, while the insecurities, injustices, inequalities and exploitation of the past were eliminated. The national liberation movement had no greater friend than Stalin’s Soviet Union. By successfully creating an alternative to capitalism, Stalin forced Western governments to build robust programs of social welfare to maintain the allegiance of their populations. And the Soviet Union’s policy of racial equality embarrassed the United States into improving the conditions of its black citizens. . .”

      • March 26, 2014 at 02:52

        I read Mr. Gowans’ blog regularly, hence my use of the word “otherwise”. I would actually agree about everything in the paragraph you quote, had he just replaced the word “Stalin” with “Soviet Russia”, something one might find easy to do by comparing the onset of massive de-colonization with the year of Mr. Dze Jugashvili’s death, unless, of course, one considers him a major influence on Ghandi.

        Mr. Gowans, whose writings I otherwise greatly admire, is a staunch supporter of the theory that our enemies’ enemies are our friends, something that has had him, occasionally, say fairly nice things about the ayatollahs and Robert Mugabe. While I understand the attitude in light of how isolated we communists are today, I do not share it, possibly because I know a number of Iranian communists and I prefer to count those, rather than dead and living psychopaths, among my friends. But hey, to each his own.

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