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Quick Reminder

Capitalism, like many other religions, loves to make saints of its dead, mostly because the dead can’t turn to socialism. Doubtlessly, this will happen to the nastiest bitch ever to have sat in Downing Street, a woman who, in spite of her plebeian taste and approximate English, thought well of destroying the English working class by slashing its salaries, intimidating its labour unions, and doubling its unemployment rate.

You are going to hear a lot about how great Margaret Thatcher was, in the coming days. You will hear about how she saved her country from yet another crisis that would have destroyed the world as we know it. You will hear how she tamed labour unions which were threatening to take England over and turn it into North Korea.

It is all nonsense, of course. If you want to know what she actually did, look at this chart.

And when you are done with it, keep in mind that, as coal prices soar, half the mines in the UK have collapsed out of disrepair, and the rest have been sold to private investors for a pittance and lagniappe. Dying does not make people better: it just makes them stink otherwise.