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What Happens in Brussels

…is exactly nothing at all. Years of pervasive surveillance have failed to predict the location of (let alone prevent) a single terrorist attack, and so it shall always be. If something happens in Brussels, it will be after the hysteria blows off; in the meanwhile, islamists have attacked Bamako, resulting in this entertaining piece that tries to explain the facts, as well as where Mali might be, to the English public.

Update (7/12/2015): as Brussels no longer is in a state of emergency (also not to disturb the pre-christmas consumer orgy), absolutely nothing has happened there, albeit there was a shooting in California, which, as usual, hit the NSA, FBI, Homeland Security, and so forth as a ton of bricks. But, hey, if you download a film illegally, you’re in serious trouble, punk.


Syrian Rebels Most Likely Culprits in Gas Deaths

And, just as I was about to address the subject myself, here is another excellent Stephen Gowans post proving, once again, that the so-called “government attack” are both a fictional and actual product of Islamocapitalism.

what's left

By Stephen Gowans

British foreign secretary William Hague says there’s no doubt that the Syrian military is responsible for last week’s alleged gas attack which killed scores of people in Syria. So too do the editors of major newspapers in the United States and Britain. US officials have also said the Syrian government is responsible, though at the same time they admit they are still trying to ascertain the facts. The Wall Street Journal could report, as a consequence, that there’s an “emerging consensus” that the Assad government was behind the attack. The consensus, however—and it’s one limited to Syria’s political enemies—is backed up by not a scintilla of evidence.

You might wonder why journalists haven’t challenged Hague’s assertion that the only possible culprit is the Syrian government. After all, there is another possible culprit: the opposition.

In May, Carla Del Ponte, a member of the United Nations independent commission…

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Before and After

Let’s look at Egypt’s example

(Barack Obama, April 3, 2011, after a popular revolution toppled a corrupt secular dictator in Egypt)

I am deeply concerned

(Barack Obama, July 3, 2013, after a popular revolution toppled a corrupt Islamic dictator in Egypt)

And if you still think there is a conflict between Islam and Capitalism, think again: the conflict is between Capitalism and both humanity and the environment; Islam is just a label for Capitalism’s most violent goon, all in the name of deniability.


The Anti-Empire Report #116

The Anti-Empire Report #116.
William Blum is one of the few in the international Left that has the courage to connect the dots and talk about the link between Islamism and Capitalism; this post is also interesting for its historical perspective on American foreign policy.


Test Your Knowledge, Find a Bomber

You want a shot at finding who is behind the Boston Marathon bombing? Try answering the following:

  1. Who hates to see half-naked women and, possibly, gay and black people parading through the streets of a city all day?
    • Islamic basket cases in the Middle Eastern deserts
    • Christian basket cases in the South-Western deserts
  2. Who always thinks god is with them, regardless of what they do in their name, except, of course, for abortions?
    • Islamic basket cases in the Middle Eastern deserts
    • Christian basket cases in the South-Western deserts
  3. What is releasing a condemnation of the bombing in Boston, while a number of its supporters thinks “They had it coming”?
    • Hizb ut-Tahrir
    • The Tea Party
  4. Which desertic state has 90% of its territory owned by religious basket cases, with less than 10% left to violently oppressed natives, and uses starvation-wage, religious immigrants to do most of the work?
    • Bahrain
    • Arizona
  5. Where are pressure cookers used?
    • Bahrain
    • Arizona
    • Everywhere else

If you can answer the questions above correctly, you will have a good idea of the environment that engendered this latest attack. I, for one, can’t.

Update (19/4/2013): apparently, it was Islamic basket cases from the Russian South-Western scrublands, who spent a good part of their life in the deserts of Kazakhstan (some sources say Kyrgyzstan). Remember the times when Islamism and terrorism did not exist, either in the Caucasus or in Central Asia? It was when they were both part of the Soviet Union; the same Americans who are now holding vigils and spamming facebook with the “martyrs” of the Boston Marathon bombings called it the Empire of Evil, mostly on account of lack of such consumer goods as pressure cookers; they also called Al Quaeda and the Talibans “freedom fighters”.


The Myth of Islamosocialism

One of the wonders of linguistics today is that most Tea Party voters–the kind of people who can hardly spell their own name–can generally spell the 7-syllable word “Islamosocialism”. It is ironic that this show of multisyllabic prowess is wasted on a concept that is vastly imaginary. The theory goes: socialists (a term which, in the mind of the radical right, is freely interexchangeable with “communists”, “liberals” and “not quite as radical right-wingers”) are a fifth column of international Islamism, and help promote it in every country. The concept has always been shaky, and has never been so much so as now: the so-called Arab Spring, driven by the Muslim Brotherhood is erasing every trace of Marxist policies in most of the Middle East and Northern Africa, with approval, military and diplomatic help from the NATO.

Not that this is new: Muslims received support from the US and their lackeys in Indonesia (1965), Afghanistan (1978), Bosnia (1991) and Kosovo (1999) against Marxist governments. A decades-old feud also pits the Marxist Fatah against the Islamist Hamas in the Palestinian Territory; the latter actually allied itself with Israel (which it vowed to destroy) rather than co-operate with a left-wing group. Examples of alliances between Islamist movements and Marxist ones are few, far between and unsuccessful:

  • during the Russian Civil War, a Tatar Islamic sect, the Waïsi Movement, supported the Red Army. It was then suppressed by the Soviet authorities in the 30’s. Stalin, in that period, suppressed pretty much anything, generally without any valid reason, so there is no saying how the matter would have ended had the Soviet Union had a sane leader. At any rate, Tatars generally supported the Nazis from then on.
  • during the Iranian revolution, the non-atheistic Marxist movements (i.e., those that were Marxist in name only) united with the clergy against the Shah. Immediately after the revolution, they were first marginalized, then suppressed with violence. Something very similar is happening in Morocco.
  • during the Gulf War, the somewhat socialist-inspired Saddam Hossein made a half-arsed appeal to Muslims to help him against the US troops. It didn’t really work, save for antagonizing Muslims and Americans after the war. The end result, some 12 years later, was the toppling of the Hossein government by an alliance of Americans and Islamists, and its replacement by what is substantially a Muslim theocracy: the new Iraqi constitution, written with the blessing of the US, includes the clause that “no law can be that contradicts the fixed principles of Islam” along with an ambiguous ban on “Saddamist” parties that can very well be used to suppress any left-wing movement.

Where does the myth stem from, then? Well, from Europe, really. European right wing parties generally draw much of their support, in spite of generally unpopular social and economic policies, from their purported stance against immigration, and immigration of staunch Muslims is almost invariably its most visible aspect. Left wings, which, as Stephen Gowans rightly points out, are more or less lost, try to find a sense of identity not only in opposing this stance, but also by courting Muslim voters (truth to be said, they often try to court Christian and Jewish voters as well). This is foolish, of course—Marxism is not compatible with any of the monotheistic religions, and immigration is an instrument of the Capital to reduce wages, deflect attention and hostility from the ruling classes and dilute the voting pool with elements that haven’t had any education in Marxist principles—but it has made it so that a number of people, most of which American, immediately associate anti-capitalism with pro-Islamism.

In the end, any alliance between Islamism and Socialism is very much like the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact: intrinsically unstable, politically impossible and only feasible in the eyes of those who dislike both. But the very existence of the concept, tenuous as it may be, is another sad memento of a Left that can’t be true to itself.