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A Reminder to My Associates

About a month and a half ago (but the corpses have only been discovered now), 43 Mexican students, basically for no other fault than having leftist sympathies, were arrested by the police, handed to a drug syndicate, tortured and burned–some of them alive. I had to interrupt my silence to point this out, because I am a sort of political scavenger, taking up minor, unimportant causes; I leave the really important ones to to my honoured co-fighters in the European Left. Among those (and I only touch the really important subjects here), we can count:
– A woman with a tight shirt, walking for 10 hours in Manhattan was addressed almost half a dozen times as “Hey, beautiful”.
– The length of paternity leave in Denmark is not quite as long as in Sweden.
– Not enough people calling the woman of point 1 “beautiful” were white, which questions the fact that it happened at all, as several of my honoured co-fighters had decided that they just had to be.
Important stuff, people, important stuff. Far too important for this blog.