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Hail the Pope

I am sorry to interrupt the Adele Gödel series: truth is, all the reference material I need is shielded by paid licenses, and the abstracts are too vague to let me understand if paying would actually get me the right article, so my post on fluoridation is stuck, so to say, in thick red mud.


It is hard for any left-winger, or anybody who cares for justice not utter some worry at the election of the new pope. The old one was bad enough. His position on pretty much every issue came straight from the XIII century and his purpose in life seemed to be to drag society back to that time. In other respects, however, he was treated unfairly by, well, people like me. He had been a member of the Hitler Youth, and much has been said about that, mostly because the idea of a Nazi pope, especially one who so much looks like a Star Wars villain, is irresistible. But the truth is that most German boys were in the Hitler Youth at that time, the exceptions being people with far more than ordinary intellectual independence. That kind of people are very rarely religious, let alone on the way to becoming Catholic priests.

The current pope, Mario Bergoglio, is made of sterner stuff. He was not a poop-headed teenager during the reign of Videla and Galtieri. He was a high prelate whose responsibility, both as a christian and as a decent human being, was denouncing and opposing the atrocities of the regime. Instead, he was somewhat involved in the disappearance of (at least) two other priests. The two reappeared, naked and drugged; versions then differ, with human rights activists claiming Bergoglio handed them to the junta, and Bergoglio claiming he worked behind the scenes to ensure their release.

It doesn’t matter. In the former case, Bergoglio would be a murderous opportunist using the regime to get rid of colleagues he disliked. In the latter, he would have been so involved with the shady characters of the junta he could affect their decisions without any public denunciation.

Not that that the choice of a man so muddled in murder is particularly surprising. The Catholic church, as it loves to drivel, is rooted in tradition and, albeit one would be hard pressed to find a worse pope in recent times, endorsing massacres of civilian populations and the rooting out of intellectuals is not Francis’ prerogative: pope Innocent III did the same in Southern France, destroying the most vibrant culture around the Mediterranean. The amount of civilians summarily executed (mostly by burning) was about the same as under Videla and Galtieri, close to 20000. Occitanic culture, possibly like Argentina, would never recover.

Well, for Catholics, a pope is assumed innocent until all witness have been silenced, and all evidence muddled with, and I expect people will keep on asking me for more “evidence”; you can find more about it here.

Update (25/3/2013): the pictures of a priest and Videla smiling at each other are not of Bergoglio; which, of course, doesn’t make him any less of a scoundrel.