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The Question Not Asked…

…about the Crimean Referendum is quite obvious: was the vote free and fair? Capitalist media have ranted endlessly about cavils in international law, which boil down to saying that people have the right to self-determination only if the occupying power is inclined to grant it to them.
The fact that the inhabitants of Crimea would want to join the country the majority of them belongs to ethnically is not an issue.
The fact that even people of Ukrainian origin would want to escape from a state ridden by poverty and corruption, and where the government is decided by street mobs is not an issue.
The fact that some 6% of the inhabitants of Crimea belong to minor ethnic groups which are periodically targeted by pogroms, and feel uncomfortable with the Ukrainian government’s veiled fascism is not an issue.
Only cavils are an issue, and the “territorial integrity” of Ukraine, meaning that a random rearrangement of administrative districts under Nikita Kruschev must forbid that the Crimean choose whom they want to govern them.

Luckily, the UN’s military does little more than sitting around shining their blue helmets, and the NATO has a strict policy of only helping Islamic fundamentalists against people who don’t shoot back. Applying sanctions to Russia is like threatening somebody else with shooting oneself: this is the one story where, after all the sound and fury is over, the good guys win. Or, rather, the bad guys don’t.