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Easy Prophecy, Check

Remember the end of a previous edit, where I said that whoever won the European football championship would come to regret it soon, as its government would screw the people while they were celebrating? It happened ten days later: austerity cuts are going to be introduced to “save” Spain from a debt crisis. Which means, in practice:

  • People (mind, only poor people, the kind of suckers who have low-income civil service jobs and/or have no way of evading VAT) are going to be made to pay for the sovereign debt. This is goodwill only, as the purpose of paying is that the country can receive “help” in the form of a loan from the rest of the EU. In other words, heroic measures are taken so that a debt can be replaced by a higher one.
  • As you know (that is, as you know if you are a neoliberal economist with not a gram of common sense), sovereign debt engenders unemployment. The way to fight it is getting money by firing civil servants. Other possible measures include making it easier for companies to fire people (this hasn’t been announced in Spain, yet). In other words, in order to reduce possible, theoretical unemployment in the future, you create actual, certain unemployment, immediately.

And, exactly as it did in 2010, when the Catalans were allegedly busy watching the World football cup, their breast swelling with national pride, the Spanish government is trying, again, and this time with the excuse of the cuts, to curtail the independence of Catalonia.

Being a prophet is not as hard as one would think.