No, this is not the usual PayPal link. is free, and you are not about to get the usual spiel about the fact that every penny helps.
You can, however, help the Communist Scientist’s cause and make the world a slightly better place. These are some ways, from easiest to hardest:

  1. Spread the word: tell people about the blog, and bring new readers; they will either do something from the points below this, or bring someone who will. Strength is in numbers.
  2. Contribute: if you are a specialist yourself, I would be happy to have a guest article.
  3. Embellish: I suck at graphics. The beautiful three-scientists logo is something I only drew the outlines of and an Italian designer, to whom I’ll always be grateful, realized. I now need graphics for the initiatives I am going to launch, first of all the Do Not Buy Chinese Day, and would be just as grateful to people who’d help with that.
  4. Give access to primary sources: articles about fluoridation, especially those analyzing X-ray diffraction studies of enamel material that has been exposed to fluorine are what I am looking for now, but this may change. Check this page back to know what I am looking for at every moment.
  5. Provide information. Is something on your heart? Give me the numbers, and I’ll see if I can turn it into a story; if you wish to, you will be credited. Or give me the numbers for a story I am interested in. Right now, I am trying to compare the life of the people who joined Solidarity in Poland in 1980 with the life they have now. I would like to know how many of those idiots are now unemployed, but there are several locations, and it is hard to find data for all of them before and after.
  6. Grind. Sometimes, vast amounts of publicly-available information need to be sieved true and collated to make a decent post. Right now, I have a project called The Black Book of Capitalism; summing up the massacres of capitalist regimes is, however, not a simple task. Places and numbers would be much appreciated.
  7. Provide resources. Do you have analytical equipment sitting idle? I am currently interested in analyzing water to look for fluorides (that’d probably be ion chromatography) and aluminium (ICP-AAS or ICP-MS would do; other methods would require sample enrichment); however, future analyses could look for mercury, or organic contaminants, especially of medicinal origin, which would require HPLC, and some skill.

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