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For Norses Only?

For the few among my readers who still can’t see why communism is the sustainable solution, and capitalism is intrinsically wasteful there is this excellent documentary. Most of it is in English, with some small parts in French and German. Originally, I could only find a link available to Denmark; now, it’s only available with Norwegian titles. Try watching it all the same: most of the dialogues are in English

The best quote from the documentary comes from a Frenchman, however:

If you believe this model is sustainable, you are either an idiot or an economist.

Great is the temptation of adding, with Mark Twain, “but I repeat myself” (the Frenchman said, instead: “and, today, we are all economists”).



Industry is […] producing a “new model” every two years […] resorting to consumers’ private garbage cans for the deposit of useless, but expensive, profit-making wrappings.

Millions in effort, time and investments are wasted on built-in obsolescence, on planned wear and tear, so that the refrigerators, electric razors, stockings, toys, or light bulbs fall apart earlier than necessary[.] 
–Ulrike Meinhof, 1968

Meinhof was murdered before she could see the rise of smartphones, but her words do have a prophetic ring. All her columns are published as Everybody Talks about the Weather…We Don’t (Seven Stories Press, New York, 2008), an interesting book spoiled only by the usual anti-communist rant that her idiot daughter wrote and imposed on the publisher. I warmly recommend it to people who want to see how the seed of the current capitalist dystopia were already sowed in the 60’s. All of it was there: wars waged under weak excuses, consumerism, all-engulfing “conservative” media, calling demonstrators “terrorists”, censorship, emergency laws. It was just on a smaller, more humane scale.